We Are a Bridge of Hope

The South East Side of Chicago is surrounded by bridges. In the same way that a bridge fills a gap, Jesus Christ filled the gap that was between man and God by dying for the sins of humanity. We, at CFF South, seek to bridge the gap by giving people the opportunity to encounter God and help people build an intimate relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. As one encounters God, we seek to help people find the reason for their existence.

What we do at CFF South:

  • We express our love to God through song, dance, and the arts.
  • We seek to learn and study the bible so we can know God better and become His followers.
  • We pray as a church for the needs of our community, city, and the world.
  • We challenge each person to use their talents and gifts so that we can please God and serve people.
  • We serve in projects that meet needs in our community, city, and other countries.
  • We share the love of God and the good news of Jesus Christ with people who do not know His love.
  • We organize events so we can build relationships with each other.