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Media Ministry

Our goal is to be able to use our gifts in media and technology to reach out to those who are lost or unfamiliar with the Word of God and to those who need to be fed the Word of God but are unable to regularly attend church. Through the gifts of media, we help expand the kingdom of God. The Media Ministry consists of several different areas that all tie in to media and production. There is Camera/Filming, Sound Tech Engineering and PowerPoint, just to name a few. If you are handy with a computer, you are already qualified! We can and will train, but experience is a plus.


Our Worship Team is always striving to reach the next level in bringing the people of God into His presence. The love of music to edify God is the beginning of what can draw you into this ministry. Not to mention, the relationships you gain with every member of this ministry is something that you will never regret! 

Mission Café

Mission Café doesn’t only provide delicious coffee beverages and pastries before and after Sunday services, but we also support the Missions. The café has been able to support local missions and provide for those in need by all the donations and sales made on a weekly basis. 
Just Go!
Just Go! spreads the love of Christ through outreach. We want to reach the community, city and nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ by showing them the love of Jesus Christ through acts of service.

The Evidence Youth Ministry

The Evidence Youth Ministry is a ministry that teaches the one and only Truth that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father, who is our Creator and King. A community of believers that always seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that we, as Shepherds, can led and tend to all those that the LORD sends our way. A ministry with a leadership that lives out a life of unshakeable faith and trust in the LORD, exampling a life of trust in the LORD so that those who are served by this ministry will know that, as believers in Christ, we have nothing to fear, because our God is a loving, merciful, and trustworthy God. A ministry that carries the very Trinity with them everywhere they go, leaving only peace and love; helping alongside the greater Body of Christ to restore the world’s relationship to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  

Children’s Ministry

Our children are never underestimated when it comes to not only receiving the Word of God but teaching it as well! Our Children’s classes are offered from 6-13 year old children. At 13, our little ministers teach a Word to their fellow classmates and then are blessed out to continue growing in the Youth Ministry!  Its’s a blessing for our teachers to be such  stepping stones in these children’s lives.  

Little Flock Nursery

The babies of Little Flock Nursery are not forgotten when it comes to teachings and prayer. The nursery offers care during Sunday services from newborn to age 4. Our babies are prayed for and taught the Word of God through stories and play time while mommies and daddies receive the Word upstairs.
We are a ministry that is Holy Spirit filled and led to be a light to those who are being demoralized in the darkness of the sex industry. Specifically, strippers. 

Dance (GDM)

Our dancers are not here to entertain the congregation; they play a vital role in ushering in the Holy Spirit through the gift of dance. Our dancers even minister through their gifts and edify our spirits. If you are gifted with rhythm and feel as though your moves will edify God, then this ministry will be blessed to have you!  


Our ushers have a very important role in Christian Fellowship Flock. They are the first people you meet when entering our church. Their roles are to not only welcome everyone with open arms and a pearly white smile, but to ensure the safety of our people by monitoring what goes on inside as well as outside of the church. They are here to help with everything from helping you to your seat to prayer and ministering.  


Our intercessors provide an invisible but powerful covering for our church. When you have a prayer request, our intercessors never hesitate to stand in the gap. When we enter church Sunday mornings, our intercessors have already been preparing the atmosphere for His sweet presence. The role of our intercessors is so vital in helping battle the invisible war that goes on all around us. If you are a prayer warrior, this ministry is definitely calling you!

Fit 4 Change Sports Ministry

Our Sports Ministry seeks to use recreational sports and physical activities as a platform to win souls for Christ. They provide alternative outlets for youth and adults through Christian based activities that will help them refrain from the world’s daily reality of corruption.

A Prayer for You  We reach out to people who are sick and need prayer in their home or in the hospital. We pray for strength and encouragement in time of sickness and ask God to heal them. A Prayer for You Ministry is for the lost and saved. We want to show compassion and love by praying for them or with them.